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mysticism and occult esoteric knowledge about symmetric figures


Names of gods and symmetric figures of runic symbols.
The fourth page compares ancient Scandinavian or otherwise to tell Germanic runic alphabet with circular numerological matrix which has three circles and eight numerical axes, and also with symmetric geometrical figures according to which 24 runes correspond to names of gods in different mythological systems of human civilization.

Information of this online page can be interesting not only to linguists and archeologists, but also for researchers of ancient civilizations and people who are interested in mysticism and occult esoteric knowledge, because Germanic runic order or runes of Elder Futhark can be considered as a logic matrix of divine world or otherwise to tell phonetic structure in which names and mystical essences of deities are ciphered, and actually in which there is existential code of sacral language by means of which gods speak.


Runic order of the Germanic Elder Futhark.
Matrix of runes and names of mythological gods.

Unlike written symbols of Finno-Ugric people ancient Germanic runes possess consecutive row or otherwise to tell alphabetic runic order which is fixed on archeological artifacts. Namely except for words and texts on archeological artifacts there are inscriptions in which consecutive order or alphabetic set of runic symbols is fixed, and actually there is alphabet in which runes are written or consistently listed.
The most ancient or elder Scandinavian or Germanic alphabet or runic order and sequential listing has the name FUTHARK, that corresponds to phonetic values of the six first runes, as shown in the table.

elder Scandinavian or Germanic alphabet or runic order has the name FUTHARK

The sequence of Germanic runes above F-U-TH-A-R-K-G-W-H-N-I-J-P-Æ-Z-S-T-B-E-M-L-NG-D-O corresponds to the runic inscription on the Kylver Stone in Gotland.
The sequence of runes below F-U-TH-A-R-K-G-W-H-N-I-J-Æ-P-Z-S-T-B-E-M-L-NG-O-D corresponds to inscriptions on the two Vadstena and Mariedamm bracteates or amulets.
Distinction of two sequences or sequential orders consists that runes P-Æ and D-O have different positions.
Sequences form runic order which consists of three ÆTTS or AETTIRS, namely eight runes in everyone ÆTT, that actually corresponds to circular numerological matrix which has eight numerical axes and three circles, as shown in two charts.

inscription on the Kylver Stone in Gotland as runic order or alphabetic set Vadstena and Mariedamm bracteates or amulets as Germanic runic order

In the left circular matrix it is possible to see symmetric arrangement of runic signs which mean vowel phonemes, that is specified by yellow color. And also runes Æ and H form symmetric geometrical figure with other runic signs which mean vowel phonemes. Because the rune Æ is combination of two vowels. Also the rune H corresponds to sounding of breath, and it is comparable to vowel sounds from the view point of acoustic articulation of human speech.
Therefore it is possible to assume that the right numerological matrix, and also sequential order of runic signs on the Vadstena and Mariedamm bracteates or amulets are correct, or otherwise to tell original, and in essence is corresponding with linguistic and esoteric principles according to which phonetic order of the Elder Futhark is organized.
But the left numerological matrix and sequence of runic symbols on the Kylver Stone in Gotland contain a mistake which can be caused by the different reasons. In particular unacceptable words could to be read according to original arrangements of runes, and consequently the founder or author of runic Kylver Stone in Gotland could change positions of symbols. As runic order was uniform for different people, but words in various languages and dialects can had difference.
And also phonetic values of runes in different languages and dialects had distinctions, but however according to positions of alphabetic symbols in the right matrix it can be seen that a source of runic order of the Elder Futhark was language which was common for people not only northern Europe, but different nations which occur from ancient Indo-European or Aryan civilization. And it is actually possible to tell that the runic order of Elder Futhark has origin from uniform language which existed before division of mankind into separate people and nations. As positions of runes in the right numerological matrix form symmetric geometrical figures according to which it is possible to read names of gods of different mythological systems of mankind.

Scandinavian gods of Norse mythology.
Numbers in the list of gods specify numerical axes where runes are located and symmetric geometrical figures in the space of circular numerological matrix are formed.
Æ-Z-I-R - 357 - ASIR or ÆSIR - main hierarchy of gods of the Scandinavian Norse mythology.
W-A-N-U or F-A-N-I-R-W - 248 or 123458 - or VANIR - second hierarchy of gods of the Norse mythology.
O-D-I-NG - 3678 - ODIN - supreme god of the Scandinavian Norse myths of the Icelandic Eddas.
F-R-I-E-G - 1357 - FRIGG - goddess and wife of ODIN.
F-R-E-I-R or F-R-Æ-H-R - 135 or 15 - FREYR - deity of Scandinavian Norse mythology from hierarchy of VANIRS.
F-R-E-I-Æ-H or TH-R-A-J-A - 135 or 345 - FREYJA - goddess and wife of FREYR.
E-T-U-N - 123 - JOTUNN - giants in the Norse myths.
I-TH-U-N - 23 - IDUN - goddess of eternal youth.
Z-I-TH - 37 - SIF - goddess of beauty.
The rune TH can have phonetic values T, D, Z, W, F, that is linguistic equivalent to various pronunciation or articulation of letters TH in contemporary English language.
L-O-K-H-I - 123567 - LOKI - deity personifying cunning.
B-R-U-G-H-I or B-R-A-W-G-U - 12357 or 24578 - BRAGI - god of brewing.
Pay attention that names of cities of German Bruges and Czech Prague are conformable with name of this god.
T-H-O-R-E and T-H-O-E-R - 1357 - THOR and TYR - gods soldiers in the Scandinavian Norse mythology.

Vedic gods of Vedas.
W-Æ-S-I - 358 - VASU - pantheon of terrestrial gods in Vedic mythology.
R-U-D-R-O - 2578 - RUDRA - supreme deity in the pantheon of atmospheric gods in Vedic mythology.
Æ-D-I-T-J-O or O-D-I-T-J-Æ - 134578 - ADITI - mother of heavenly gods in myths of Vedas.
Æ-S-H-F-I-N-Z - 123578 - ASHVINS - cosmic twins in myths of Vedas.
P-R-I-TH-I-F-I-S - 13568 - PRITHIVI - goddess of the earth ground in the context of Vedic mythology.
TH-I-A-U-Z - 2347 - DYAUS - Vedic god of the sky as pair for PRITHIVI.
And also names of other gods in Vedic myths form symmetric geometrical figures within circular numerological matrix of 24 runic signs of the Elder Futhark.
In particular names of twelve heavenly gods of ADITYAS.

W-Æ-S-N-U - 258 - VISHNU.
The rune Æ according to runic inscriptions can to have phonetic values I or Æ.
W-I-W-Æ-S-W-A-D - 3458 - VIVASVAT.
M-I-TH-R-Æ - 345 - MITRA.
F-A-R-U-N-J-A - 1245 - VARUNA.
Æ-N-S-Æ - 258 - ANSA.
T-H-Æ-T-Æ-R or T-H-Æ-T-Æ-L - 15 - DHATR.
S-H-Æ-R-J-A - 1458 - SURYA.
S-A-W-I-TH-Æ-R - 358 - SAVITR.
P-U-S-J-A-N - 2468 - PUSHAN.
U-S-H-J-I-S - 12348 - USHAS.
Æ-R-J-A-M-Æ-L - 45 - ARYAMAN.
T-H-O-G-Æ-L or TH-O-G-E - 157 or 37 - BHAGA.
Among researchers of ancient civilizations there is an opinion that Russian word GOD has occurred from Vedic name BHAGA.

Gods and deities of Greek myths.
H-Æ-O-Z - 157 - CHAOS - primary or potential ocean of universe.
TH-E-I-O-Z - 37 - general name of gods in the Greek language.
Pay attention that general name of gods of the Ancient Greece is comparable to denomination of deity which personifies the sky in Vedic mythology.
Z-I-E-TH-Z - 37 - or ZEUS - supreme deity of the Greek mythology.
H-Æ-L-I-E-O-Z - 1357 - HELIOS - sun.
H-Æ or G-A-I-U - 15 or 2347 - GAIA - goddess of the earth ground.
Æ-F-W-R-Æ-D-J-A-T-Æ - 1458 - APHRODITE - goddess of beauty in the Greek mythology.
Pay attention that the name of Greek goddess APHRODITE has comparison with denomination of heavenly gods ADITYAS in the context of Vedic mythology.
H-Æ-R-Æ - 15 - HERA - goddess and wife of ZEUS in the Greek myths.
A-F-I-N-A or A-F-I-N-Æ-S - 1234 or 123458 - ATHENA - central goddess of Greek mythology.
A-R-TH-Æ-M-I-S or Æ-R-TH-A-M-I-S - 3458 - ARTEMIS - goddess of wild nature in the Greek myths.
L-Æ-T-H-O or L-E-T-O - 157 or 1357 - LETO - goddess and wife of ZEUS.
D-A-M-I-TH-R-Æ - 3458 - or DEMETER - goddess and wife of ZEUS.
The name of Greek DEMETER is comparable to denomination of MITRA in the context of Vedic mythology and according to Russian language.
A-J-D or H-Æ-TH-I-Z - 48 or 1357 - or HADES - deity of underground world in myths of Ancient Greece.
P-O-S-E-I-D-O-NG - 3678 - POSEIDON - deity of water elements.
H-Æ-K-A-T-Æ - 1456 - HECATE - goddess of night and sorcery.
H-Æ-Z-TH-I-E - 1357 - HESTIA - goddess of fire in the Greek myths.
G-I-E-TH-Æ-Z-T-O-Z or H-Æ-F-I-E-Z-T-O-Z - 1357 - HEPHAESTUS - god of fire and metal in the Greek mythology.
A-P-O-L-W-N - 245678 - or APOLLO - deity of the Delphic Oracle in the Greek mythology.
P-A-N - 246 - PAN - deity of panic horror in myths of Ancient Greece.
Names of some gods of the Ancient Greece do not form symmetric geometrical figures in the space of circular numerological matrix of runic order of the Elder Futhark in the event that are generated from words of Greek language. In particular gods HERMES and PROMETHEUS whose names are derivatives of Greek words which have semantic meanings "milestone sign" and "conceiving before". But if names of gods have unknown origin and are not connected with semantic meanings of Greek language then are in most cases comparable to phonetic values of runes which form symmetric geometrical figures in space of the shown circular matrix, that can interest researchers and scientists who study culture of the Ancient Greece.

Names of archangels.
Æ-L - 5 - EL or IL - divine name in the context of ancient Semitic mythology.
Æ-L-O-H-E - 1357 - ELOHIM - name of the god in the Semitic mythology.
The word Æ-L-O-H-E-M means plural number of gods in Hebrew language in the Bible, but the singular divine name is Æ-L-O-H-E or E-L-O-Æ-H.
R-Æ-W-A-I-E-L or R-Æ-F-Æ-L - 3458 or 15 - archangel RAPHAEL.
Æ-R-Æ-L or Æ-R-I-E-L - 5 or 35 - archangel URIEL.
H-Æ-F-R-Æ-L or G-Æ-TH-R-Æ-L - 5 or 357 - archangel GABRIEL.
M-I-E-S-Æ-L - 3458 - archangel MICHAEL.
L-U-Z-I-W-Æ-R - 23578 - fallen angel LUCIFER.
S-I-E-M-Æ-L - 3458 - fallen angel SAMAEL that is one of names of the LUCIFER.
I-Z-R-Æ-L - 357 - ISRAEL - name of nation state.
This name of ISRAEL has been given to Jacob when he wrestled with the God. In particular at 32nd chapter of Genesis in the Bible following words are written.
"And Jacob was left alone; and someone like a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day.
When someone did not prevail against Jacob then he touched the hollow of his thigh; and Jacob's thigh was put out of joint as he wrestled with someone who was like a human being.
Then someone said: Let me go, for the day is breaking. But Jacob said: I will not let you go, unless you bless me.
And someone asked to him: What is your name? And he answered: Jacob.
Then someone said: Your name shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God like a human being, and have prevailed.
Then Jacob asked him: Tell me your name. But he said: Why do you ask my name? - My name is wonderful.
Then he blessed Jacob there.
So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying: For I have seen God to face, and yet my life was spared."
Pay attention that the word PENIEL in the space of circular matrix of 24 graphical signs of Germanic runic order too forms symmetric geometrical figure P-I-E-N-Æ-L.
And also pay attention that the God has not told own name as all 24 runes are his denomination.

Egyptian gods.
R-Æ - 5 - RA - supreme solar god of Egyptian mythology.
H-Æ-F-R-I-E - 135 - KHEPRI - solar name of the god RA as the morning sun and scarab beetle.
U-A-G-Z-E-TH - 2347 - WADJET - solar eye of the god RA.
A-D-W-M - 48 - ATUM - first god which was created by RA.
Denomination of this god in the Egyptian myths can be correlated to the name of ADAM or the first man in the context of bible mythology.
S-J-U or S-H-J-I-U - 248 or 12348 - SHU - god of wind and creation in the Egyptian mythology.
TH-E-F-N-U-T - 123 - TEFNUT - goddess of world order and wife of SHU.
The god of wind SHU and the goddess of world order TEFNUT are children of ATUM. The god of wind initiates creation, and the goddess of world order stabilizes created objects.
N-U-T + H-I-E-B - 123 - NUT and GEB - deities of sky and earth ground in the Egyptian mythology.
This is second married couple of gods which are children of SHU and TEFNUT.
The symmetric geometrical figure in this case is formed by set of two names.

Æ-Z-I-R-I-Z - 357 - OSIRIS - central deity of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
The name of this god has coordination with denomination of the main divine hierarchy of Scandinavian mythology.
Æ-S-I-D-A - 3458 - or ISIS or ISET- goddess and wife of OSIRIS.
Z-I-E-TH - 37 - SET or SETH - opponent of OSIRIS.
Denomination of this god has coordination with the name of ZEUS in the Greek myths.
N-Æ-F-T-Æ-S - 1258 - NEPHTHYS - goddess and wife of SET.
Four deities of Egyptian mythology OSIRIS, ISIS, SET, NEPHTHYS are children of NUT and GEB, and in essence are children of sky and ground.
H-Æ-R - 15 - or HORUS - son of ISIS and OSIRIS.
The name of this god corresponds to the Greek word or prefix HIER that means DIVINE, or to the German word HERR that means MISTER or LORD.

Various mythological systems and languages of mankind.
R-Æ-J-A - 45 - or RHEA - goddess and daughter of URANUS and mother of Olympic gods in myths of Ancient Greece.
Æ-R-A-J - 45 - or URAEUS - solar eye of RA in the form of cobra in crowns of Egyptian pharaohs.
A-J-Æ-R - 45 - AIR - aerial deities by English language.
R-A-J-Æ - 45 - or PARADISE - heavenly divine world in Russian language.
J-A-R-Æ - 45 - IARU - realm of human souls and divine world of OSIRIS or eternal reed fields in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
A-R-J-Æ - 45 - ARIAS - people of ancient Indo-European civilization.
It is possible to assume that syllables RA and AR meant the sky and the ground in a classic language which was uniform for all people of mankind and was a source of runic order of the Elder Futhark.
G-O-TH - 37 - GOTT or GOD - words meaning the god in German and English languages.
TH-I-O - 37 - DIO - word meaning the god in the Italian language.
TH-I-O-Z - 37 - DIOS - word meaning the god in the Spanish language.
TH-I-E-O - 37 - DIEU - word meaning the god in the French language.
Or to naming of the god in Italian and Spanish and French languages there can correspond other combinations of runes D-J-W, D-J-W-S, D-J-A-W if runic character W has phonetic value U or O, that corresponds to letters V in primary Latin alphabet or W in contemporary English alphabetic system.
Look information on the primary Latin alphabet on pages of this website in section which refers to letters of gods.

J-U-N-O-N-A - 247 - or JUNO - goddess of Roman mythology.
K-I-A-Z-Æ-L and K-O-E-A-T-Æ-L - 34567 and 134567 - QUETZAL COATL or feathered serpent - deity of Mayan Mesoamerican mythology.
F-Æ-R-Æ-O-H - 157 - PHARAOH - name of kings of ancient Egypt.
O-R-F-E-I - 1357 - or ORPHEUS - singer and musician in the Greek mythology.
H-Æ-L - 15 - HELL - empire of dead or place of eternal torture and punishment of afterlife in many mythological and religious traditions
H-E-O-L - 1357 - SHEOL - empire of dead or place of afterlife darkness in mystical Jewish mythology.
S-E-O-N - 2378 - mountain ZION or location of Jerusalem in books of bible prophets.
A-R-S-H-Æ-L-A-J-M or Æ-R-S-H-A-L-A-J-M - 1458 - JERUSALEM.
U-R-Æ-N - 25 - or URANUS - primary deity in mythological system of Ancient Greece.
This deity of Greek mythology is equivalent to supreme god RA in Egyptian myths.
R-U-N-Æ - 25 - RUNE - graphical character of runic alphabet.
Æ-TH-I-R - 35 - AETTIR - distribution of 24 runes to three groups according to which runic order of Elder Futhark is organized.
R-I-TH-Æ - 35 - RTA - universal cosmic law and code of general divine principles or natural orders which regulate and coordinate the universe in the context of ancient Vedic mythology.

And also names of many other gods of various mythological systems of human civilization form symmetric geometrical figures in the space of circular numerological matrix of alphabetic system or runic order of the Elder Futhark. In essence shown matrix and runic order of runes can be considered as the scheme according to which gods were created, because names according to mystical principles and esoteric laws are necessary parameters of existence. In particular Egyptian myths give information that RA created mental images and said names of gods and as a result they arose or started to exist.
Therefore amulets with inscriptions of the runic order of Elder Futhark were protective ensigns or magic insignias, as geometrical ratio of 24 runes were considered as names of gods which preserved people.

Following page results information on interrelations and correlations of mythological gods according to geometrical ratios of spatial figures which are formed by names in the space of circular numerological matrix of Germanic or Scandinavian runic order of the Elder Futhark. And also about names of people in the book of life.

And also following and previous pages in this part of a website give information about religious system of ancient Egypt and astrology of ancient Sumerian civilization, mantic oracle of Elder Futhark and Golden Fleece of ancient runic writings, alphabetic characters of Ancient Greece and deities of Scandinavian Norse mythology, ethereal essences of planets and stars in astrological signs of zodiac.