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Azbuka of Slavic alphabet and Egyptian myths.
The first page gives comparison of 43 Slavic letters or characters of Cyrillic alphabet with names of gods which according to texts of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead make court of Osiris and judge souls of people in the supernatural underworld.

Information of this online page can be interesting not only from the view point scientific linguistics, but also can interest historians and archeologists, and also researchers of ancient legends and myths, as comparison of gods with numbers of circular numerological matrixes of alphabetic systems of human civilization allows to analyze phonetic values of Egyptian hieroglyphs and to reconstruct original soundings of mythological names.


Slavic alphabetic letters and Egyptian gods.
Book of the Dead and court of Osiris.

The quantity of letters in Cyrillic alphabet can be considered as number which has origin as a result of acoustic ordering of phonemes which existed in different Slavic languages, namely it is possible to think that 43 alphabetic symbols correspond only to linguistic parameters of human speech. But actually 43 Cyrillic letters or Slavonic characters are comparable to numbers and symbols of various mythological and cosmological systems of ancient world. Namely Slavonic letters form sign system which corresponds with sacral mathematics and numerology in myths of ancient civilizations.
In particular Slavonic alphabetic symbols together with letters of Latin alphabet are comparable with 64 hexagrams of the Chinese canon of changes i-ching or checkers of a game board in classical chess, as 43+21=64. Or Slavonic alphabetic symbols together with letters of Greek alphabet are comparable to 70 tiles of square dominoes, as 43+27=70. And also are comparable to checkers of the game board which has seven vertical and ten horizontal rows, that is intended for 70 tiles of square dominoes which can be considered as a matrix of world space and time, namely seven days of creation and ten spheres of universe.
Look information on 70 tiles or pieces of square dominoes, and also on days of creation and spheres of universe on pages of other website: dominoopen.64g.ru.
Pay attention that of 70 digital tiles of mathematical system of square dominoes, and also 70 checkers of numerical matrix of world space and time can be compared with 70 archons which form conglomerate of mythological gods in the religious system of ancient Egypt, that is written in apocryphal books of Gnostic Christianity. Namely in Gnostic tractates from the Nag Hammadi codices, or otherwise to tell in papyrus scrolls or books of library which have been found in Egypt and have been written on 1 century of new era.

And also the quantity of Slavic alphabetic signs can be correlated to 43 gods which form celestial court of Osiris, namely with mythological deities before which souls of people after death say justificatory speeches or negative confessions, that is described in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead or funerary texts.
Below the table show graphical symbols or characters and names of Slavic alphabet, and also speeches or confession words which souls of people say to Egyptian gods around Osiris after death.
Preliminary people pronounce names of gods and then say justificatory speeches or confession words. Because divine essences of Osiris perceive only those souls who pronounce names of gods according to religious notions of the ancient Egypt.
Words and names are taken from various versions and transletions of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Graphical signs
and mystical meanings of letters.
Names of gods in the Egyptian Book of the Dead
and justificatory words.
USEKHT-NEMMAT or USET-NEMTUT whose steps are huge, and who comes from ANU, I did not commit a harm. I have not committed sin.
HEPT-SHET or HEPET-SEDEGET who is surrounded with a flame and comes from KHER-AHA, I never stole one's neighbor. I have not committed robbery with violence.
FENTI who is shown as divine breath and comes from KHEMENU, I did not envy and did not concern severely to any person. I have not pried into matters.
AM-KHAIBETU or AKSHUT who is the devourer of shadows and who comes from KERERT or from those areas where Nile rises, I did not plunder and was not engaged in larceny. I have not stolen.
NEHA-HAU or NEHEHAU who comes from RE-STAU or RO-SETAU, I did not kill neither women, nor men. I have not slain men and women.
RERTI or RURUTI who is the double god-lion and comes from heavens, I did not diminish from a weight. I have not stolen grain.
MAATI-FEM-TES or MERTI-FTEM-TES whose eyes are similar to a flint and who comes from SEKHEM, I did not dissemble. I have not purloined offerings.
NEBA-PER-EM-KHETKHET or NEBI who is a flame which comes and leaves, I did not commit sacrilege and did not abduct belonging to the god. I have not stolen the property of the god.
SET-KESU who shatters bones and comes from SUTEN-KHENEN, I did not say lie. I have not uttered lies.
UATCH-NES or UTI-NESER who kindles strong fire and comes from KHET-KA-PTAH, I did not steal another's food. I have not carried away food.
KUARTI or KHERTI who is two sources of Nile, and who comes from AMENTET, I did not say bad words. I have not uttered curses.
HETCH-ABEHU or HEDJI-IBEHU whose teeth sparkle, and who comes from TASHI, I did not attack with malice aforethought people. I have not attacked any man.
AM-SENF or UNEM-SENF who eats blood and comes from the house where murders have execution, I did not kill animals. I have not slain the cattle belonging to the god
AM-BESEKU or UNEM-BESEKU who eats internal organs and comes from the room of MABET, I did not grasp bread in ears and did not use a deceit in affairs. I have not snatched away the bread of the child.
NEB-MAAT who is deity of the truth and true, and who comes from city of double MAAT, I did not seize the bread and did not leave the ploughed ground in desolation. I have not stolen cultivated land.
THENEMI or TENEMI who comes back and comes from the city of BAST, I did not overhear and did not interfere with another's business, and never caused anybody sufferings. I have not been an eavesdropper.
AATI who comes from ANNU, I did not say bad about any person. I have not slandered people.
TUTUF or TUTHUT who has double harm and who comes from the house of ATI or ANEGI, I did not quarrel because of property and nobody allowed to be angry with me without an occasion. I have not been angry without just cause.
UAMEMTI or UAMTI who is the serpent and comes from the house of court, I have never disgraced wives of one's neighbors. I have not debauched the wife of any man.
MAA-AN-UF or MANITEF who looks at a gift and comes from the temple of AMEU, I did not commit obscene actions and have never sinned against cleanliness. I have not polluted myself.
HERI-SERU or HERIURU who is the master of divine princes, and who comes from the city of NEKHATU or IMAD, I did not threaten and never generated fear in other people. I have terrorized none.
KHEMI who is the destroyer and who comes from lake KAUI or THUI, I did not break sacred terms and times. I have not transgressed the Law.
SHET-KHERU who rules over speech and comes from URIT, I was not angry and was not the quick-tempered person. I have not been wroth.
NEKHEN or NEHEM who is similar to the child and who comes from the lake KHEK-AT, I never remained is deaf to words of the truth and true. I have not shut my ears to the words of truth.
25 SON or LORD
SER-KHERU who is the lord of words and who comes from the city UNES or UNSI, I never became a reason of contentions. I am not a stirrer of strife or a disturber of the peace.
BASTI who comes from the secret city or SHETIT, I never have forced to spill nobody tears. I have made none to weep.
HRAF-HAF or KHEREFHAEF whose face is turned back and who comes from TEPHET-DHAT, I did not make sinful acts and did not lay down with a man. I have not committed adultery, I have not lain with men.
TA-RET who is a leg of fire and comes at dawn from AKHEKHU, I did not eat own conscience and my heart hides nothing. I have not eaten own heart. I have not grieved uselessly, or felt remorse.
IVENEMTI or KENEMTI who appears in a gloom and comes from KENEMET, I did not offend other people and did not concern to them severely. I have not blasphemed.
AN-HETEP-F or IHETENEF who brings gifts and comes from the city SAU, I did not apply violence in own acts. I am not a man of violence.
NEB-HRAU or NEB-HERU who is the lord of lime-trees and who comes from the city TCHEFET, I was not hasty of my heart and did not decide rash decisions. I have not acted or judged with undue haste.
SEREKHI or SERKHTI who gives knowledge and comes from UNTI, I did not try to revenge gods. I have not cursed or blasphemed God.
NEB-ABUI or NEB-ATI who is the bicorn master and who comes from SATIU or SIUTE, I never chattered excessively of extents. I have not multiplied my words in speaking.
NEFER-TEM or NEFERTUM who comes from NETKHA-PTAH, I am not soiled and did not create a harm in own acts. I have wronged none, I have done no evil.
TEM-SEP or TEM-SEN who comes from TATU, I have not abused and did not offend the pharaoh. I have not worked witchcraft against the King or blasphemed against the Pharaoh.
ARI-EM-AB-F or MAA-EM-A-F whose heart exists in great works and who comes from the city of TEBTI or CHEBU, I did not profane water. I have never stopped the flow of water.
AHI-MU or HEI who comes from NU or KUN, I did not say arrogant speeches. I have never raised my voice or spoken arrogantly, or in anger.
UTU-REKHIT or UTHI-REHIT who rules over mankind and comes from SAU, I did not outrage and blaspheme.
NEHEB-NEFERT who comes from the lake NEFER, I never behaved impudently and was not haughty. I have not acted with evil rage.
NEHEB-KAU who comes from own city, I never compared myself to others and did not distinguish myself from other people. I am not a man of deceit.
TCHESER-TEP or TGESER-TEP-F whose head is sacred, and who comes from own place of dwelling, I did not multiply own riches by dishonest ways, and I took only that belonged to me. I have not stolen the bread of gods.
AN-A-F or INAEF who brings own hand, and who comes from AUKERT, I did not blame the god of my city in own thoughts. I have not treated with contempt the god of my city.

The table lists names of Egyptian gods from various variants of ancient Book of the Dead, and also different names of cities and places or areas of space wherefrom gods come.
The listed names of gods and denominations of cities can be correlated with various circular or rectangular numerological matrixes of alphabetic systems of human civilization.
For example, the name of god USEKHT-NEMTUT and the city ANU in circular matrixes of Latin and Russian alphabets form figures which are shown on charts.

names of gods and denominations of cities in the Egyptian Book of the Dead The left scheme shows ratio of letters or characters of Latin alphabetic system with circular numerological matrix which has three circles and seven numerical axes.
The right scheme shows ratio of letters of contemporary Russian alphabetic system with circular numerological matrix which has three circles and eleven numerical axes.
Look detail information about shown numerical matrixes of Latin and Russian alphabets on pages of this website in other section which has the name: letters of gods.


It is necessary to consider that names of gods and justificatory speeches in the table are translations of words which have been written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead by hieroglyphs, and consequently phonetic values and semantic senses can be inexact. Namely it is possible to assume that the divine name of USEKHT-NEMTUT and also denomination of the city ANU are wrong translations of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, as they do not form symmetric geometrical figures within the shown circular matrixes.
But if names of this Egyptian god and this city are written with Latin letters USERX NIMTU and ANKH, and also with Russian letters Ũ and then symmetric spatial figures are formed.
Figures of first part of the name USERX and are designated by yellow color. These geometrical figures are symmetric concerning 5th and 9th numerical axes.
Figures of second part of the name NIMTU and Ũ are designated by blue color. These spatial figures are symmetric concerning 2nd and 1st numerical axes.
Figures of the city ANKH and are designated by green color. These figures are symmetric concerning 1st and 8th numerical axes.
Pay attention that symmetric figures are formed within circular numerological matrixes with different quantity of numerical axes, but Latin and Russian variants of names are conformable as phonetic values of letters RX - and KH - can be considered as equivalent.
Ratio of names of other gods of the Egyptian Book of the Dead too can be correlated to letters of Latin and Russian alphabets within circular numerological matrixes which have seven and eleven numerical axes. And also names of gods of the Egyptian Book of the Dead can be correlated to letters of many other alphabetic systems of human civilization within numerical matrixes of various numerological systems and scales of mathematical notation, that is interesting to linguistic analyses. And also it is interesting from the view point of esoteric knowledge and occult philosophy, because divine essences or deities of Osiris according to religious notions of ancient Egypt perceive only those people who correctly pronounce names of gods.

Following page compares letters of Slavic or Slavonic Cyrillic alphabet with gods of Avestic mythology and global world categories, and also with celestial spheres which correspond to symbols or names of heavenly Jerusalem or seven planets in the context of ancient Sumerian astrology.

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