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sounds of speech and axis of world categories


Sounds of speech and axis of world categories.
The sixth page compares atmospheric gods and space twins ASHVINS to zodiacal signs, also heavenly deities of Vedic mythology to magic numbers of Greek Pythagorean numerology according to parities of astrological circle with global world categories.

Information of this page can be interesting not only in scientific linguistics but also in cosmology, because according to parities of sounds of human speech with global world categories of universe and zodiacal signs it is possible to consider alphabets as cosmological schemes of world reality.


Sounds of human speech and zodiacal signs.
Global world categories and numerology of numbers.

As it has been told on previous pages, atmospheric gods of Vedic mythology correspond with numbers in numerology, and heavenly deities correspond with zodiacal signs in astrology. If to consider that numerological numbers and zodiacal signs correspond with global world categories then atmospheric and heavenly gods can be compared. And in essence atmospheric gods and vowel sounds of speech can be compared with zodiacal signs, also heavenly gods and corresponding consonant phonemes can be compared with numerological numbers, that is shown on the chart.

atmospheric gods of Vedic mythology with numbers in numerology Red color shows names of heavenly gods and letters of corresponding consonant phonemes.
Blue color shows names of atmospheric gods and letters of corresponding vowel phonemes.
Grey color shows symbols of zodiacal signs and numerological numbers.
Arrows in the center of astrological circle show ratios of iotated vowel sounds of speech with initial aniotated phonemes, also interrelations of corresponding atmospheric gods.
Sounds and - RUDRA and TRITA APTYA - numbers 1 and 11.
Sounds and - APAS and AHY BUDHNYA - numbers 9 and 19.
Sounds and - MATARISHVAN and ADJA ECAPAD - numbers 7 and 17.
Sounds and - PARJANYA and APAM NAPAT - numbers 3 and 13.


Green color specifies global world categories according to which numerological numbers and names of atmospheric Vedic gods are compared to zodiacal signs within astrological circle.
Axis of energy - Leo and Aquarius - numbers 1 and 9 - RUDRA and APAS.
Axis of matter - Taurus and Scorpio - numbers 3 and 7 - PARJANYA and MATARISHVAN.
Axis of space - Gemini and Sagittarius - numbers 4 and 6 - VATA and VAYU.
Axis of time - Virgo and Pisces - numbers 2 and 8 - ASHVINS.
Axis of movement - Crab and Capricorn - numbers 13 and 17 - APAM NAPAT and ADJA ECAPAD.
Axis of life - Aries and Libra - numbers 19 and 11 - AHY BUDHNYA and TRITA APTYA.
INDRA - number 5 - sound - center of astrological circle.
INDRA corresponds with central magic number in numerology and consequently with center of astrological circle without connection to any concrete sign of zodiac. But sound is forming for iotated vowel phonemes which correspond to global world categories of movement and life, also to cardinal zodiacal signs Aries, Crab, Libra, Capricorn which are key within astrological circle. Therefore INDRA is central deity of Vedic mythology for atmospheric and heavenly gods.
RUDRA and MITRA - number 1 - sounds and - Leo - energy.

RUDRA is main divine entity among atmospheric gods, also MITRA has second importance in hierarchy of heavenly deities, that there corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Leo where Sun is dominating heavenly body which is astrological symbol of imperial authority.
RUDRA is roaring mythological god that is comparable to roar of lion who is king of beasts and animals.
PARJANYA and VARUNA - number 3 - sounds and - Taurus - matter.
PARJANYA personifies thunderclouds and consequently possesses celestial status of Thunderer among atmospheric gods, also VARUNA is main divine entity in hierarchy of heavenly deities, that corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Taurus, because bull was astrological symbol of Supreme government at ancient Indo-European nations when there was origin of Vedic mythology.
APAS and ANSA - number 9 - sounds and - Aquarius - energy.
APAS personifies alive water which exists on atmospheric level, also ANSA is connected with dead water which reaches behind atmospheric level of universe. That corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Aquarius which holds two jugs in hands and pours on the Earth different kinds of celestial energy of water elements of world reality.
MATARISHVAN and VIVASVAT - number 7 - sounds and - Scorpio - matter.
MATARISHVAN personifies fire which has been brought to the Earth according to will of VIVASVAT, that there corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Scorpio where Sun is exalting heavenly body and Mars is dominating planet which in context of astrology are connected with fiery elements of world reality.
Fire of MATARISHVAN and VIVASVAT together with dead and alive waters are celestial source of immortality, that corresponds to the Greek myth about GANYMEDE who have been taken alive on the sky. Also to the Vedic myth about YAMA who has been born by VIVASVAT and became the first man who died, but he has remained alive and became divine judge of human souls in fiery empire of death.
VATA and ARYAMAN - number 4 - sounds and - Gemini - space.
ARYAMAN is mythological god of friendship, also VATA personifies movement of air, that corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Gemini where Mercury is dominating planet which from the view point of astrology symbolizes mobility and sociability, or mobile circulation of information in space.
VAYU and VISHNU - number 6 - sounds and - Sagittarius - space.
VISHNU after Big Explosion and occurrence of world space became divine source of expansion of Universe, also VAYU personifies breath, that corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Sagittarius where Jupiter is dominating planet which symbolizes expansion, also increase of sizes and extension of capacity.
Breath alongside with fire also dead and alive water is necessary for existence of life, that there corresponds with energetic potency CHING also vital energy CHI and spiritual strength CHEN in philosophy of Taoism of ancient China.
Eastern ASHVIN and DHATR - number 8 - sounds and hard mark - Pisces - time.
One of cosmic twins ASHVINS personifies perception of past or future time, also DHATR is personification of distortion in comprehension of previous and subsequent chronological intervals. That corresponds to astrological value of zodiacal sign Pisces where Neptune is dominating astrological planet which symbolizes reminiscence on past or anticipation of future time.
Western ASHVIN and BHAGA - number 2 - sounds and soft mark - Virgo - time.
Second of cosmic twins ASHVINS personifies actual present time, also BHAGA corresponds with perception of instants as longer chronological intervals in comparison with reality, that there corresponds to value of zodiacal sign Virgo where Chiron is dominating planet which symbolizes comprehension of events without mental projections in past or future.
AHY BUDHNYA and SURYA - number 19 - sounds and - Aries - life.
AHY BUDHNYA is serpent of depths and personification of nonexistence, also SURYA personifies occurrence of life, that corresponds with morning sunrise and value of zodiacal sign Aries where Sun is exalting heavenly body and Pluto is dominating planet. Because Sun can be considered as source of life, and Pluto is symbol of nonexistence.
SURYA personifies male principle for creation of life, because Mars alongside with Pluto in zodiacal sign Aries is dominating planet which symbolizes character of men.
TRITA APTYA and USHAS - number 11 - sounds and - Libra - life.
TRITA APTYA is personification of future nonexistence, also USHAS personifies aspiration to continuation of life, that corresponds with evening sunset and value of astrological zodiacal sign Libra where Proserpine and Venus are dominating planets. Because Proserpine symbolizes temporary of life-cycle, also Venus is planet of love and symbol of genetic continuation of life.
USHAS personifies female principle for preservation of life, because Venus in zodiacal sign Libra is female planet which symbolizes character of women.
APAM NAPAT and SAVITR - number 13 - sounds and - Crab - movement.
APAM NAPAT personifies maximal movement of life, also SAVITR is personification of free realization of essential vital functions, that there corresponds to value of zodiac sign Crab where Moon is dominant heavenly body which symbolizes natural physiological processes of human organism which consists of 80 percent of water which is subject to influence of astronomical lunar cycles.
ADJA ECAPAD and PUSHAN - number 17 - sounds and - Capricorn - movement.
ADJA ECAPAD personifies minimal movement of life, also PUSHAN is personification of restricted realization of essential vital functions, that corresponds to value of zodiac sign Capricorn where Saturn is dominant heavenly body which symbolizes controllable or constrained physiological processes of human organism. Because Saturn from the view point of astrology is strict and ascetic planet.
More detailed information on parities of heavenly and atmospheric gods of Vedic myths with zodiacal signs I shall try to publish in the future.
Pay attention that heavenly gods SURYA, USHAS, SAVITR, PUSHAN correspond with cardinal signs within zodiacal astrological circle, namely Vedic mythological deities which are not children of ADITI but descendants of DYAUS and PRITHVI, and consequently brothers of INDRA, because global world categories of movement and life have basic value in structure of universe.
It is necessary to tell that the shown comparison of numerological numbers with zodiacal signs is complex, because in the context of classical numerology there are no ciphers 11, 13, 17, 19.
Complex of numerological numbers within astrological circle of twelve zodiacal signs can be considered as set of geometrical polygons.
Lion or Leo - number one - geometrical point.
Zodiacal sign Leo has dominating Sun which symbolizes autocracy and one-man management or indivisible source of energy, that corresponds to number 1 in numerology and single point which is initial for all geometrical polygons.
Numerological number 1 corresponds with goddess ANGELOS who in the context of Greek mythology was similar to solar light.
Maiden or Virgo - number two - geometrical line.
Zodiacal sign Virgo has dominating Chiron and exalting Mercury which symbolize logical analysis and synthesis, namely analytical decomposition and synthetic connection of various phenomena of world reality, that corresponds with line and number 2 which can be considered as image of dichotomizing unity and conflict of dual oppositions.
Bull or Taurus - number three - triangle.
Zodiacal sign Taurus corresponds with global world category of matter which can have three physical conditions, namely firm, liquid, gaseous, that corresponds to number 3 and triangle.
Twins or Gemini - number four - quadrangle or square.
Zodiacal sign Gemini has dominating Mercury which symbolizes moving in space, that corresponds to number 4 and four apexes of square. Because space has four reference points, namely east, south, west, north.
Center of astrological circle - number five - pentagon.
Center of zodiacal circle in the context of geocentric astrological model of universe corresponds with the planet Earth, that corresponds to number 5 and pentagon, because structure of terrestrial globe has geometrical form of dodecahedron, namely volumetric polyhedron which is formed by twelve pentagonal figures.
Sagittarius - number six - hexagon.
Zodiac sign Sagittarius has dominating Jupiter which symbolizes expansion of existing Universe, that corresponds to number 6 and hexagon which has six apexes as image of four horizontal and two vertical reference points of world space.
JUPITER in the context of Roman mythology is main god who personifies absolute world supremacy, also geometrical figure of hexagon is mystical symbol of ideal global harmony.
Scorpion or Scorpio - number seven - heptagon.
Zodiac sign Scorpio corresponds with VIVASVAT or MARTANDA who in the context of Vedic mythology have been rejected by own mother, because he was born without hands and legs, that corresponds to heptagon, as numerological number 7 has connection with HEPHAESTUS who in Greek myths was dethroned from mountain Olympus on the ground and became lame god.
Also number 7 corresponds with PROMETHEUS who have been expelled from Olympus and is chained to rock.
Also number 7 corresponds with TANTALUS who has been taken by gods on the sky, but has been thrown in underground empire of death.
Fishes or Pisces - number eight - octagon.
Zodiacal sign Pisces has dominating Neptune which symbolizes illusions, also presentiments and anticipations of future, that corresponds to octagon as numerological number 8 has connection with DIONYSUS who in Greek mythology is deity of winemaking. Also number 8 has connection with APOLLO who owns Delphic Oracle and consequently is divine entity of predictions and prophecies.
Aquarius - number nine - nonagon.
Zodiacal sign Aquarius has dominating Uranus, that corresponds to nonagon as numerological number 9 has connection with APHRODITE URANIA who in Greek mythology was born from blood of URANUS.
Also number 9 has connection with NEMESIS who in myths of Ancient Greece is celestial goddess of fair punishment, that there corresponds to characteristics of planet Uranus in astrology.
Number 10 - decagon or geometrical polygon of ten apexes is derivative figure of pentagon.
Libra or Balance - number 11 - geometrical polygon of eleven apexes.
Cardinal zodiacal sign Libra and numerological number 11 correspond with TRITA APTYA and USHAS, also with GAIA who is third primary potentiality of universe in the context of Greek myths.
Number 12 - geometrical polygon of twelve apexes is derivative figure of triangle and hexagon, also quadrangle or square.
Cancer or Crab - number 13 - geometrical polygon of thirteen apexes.
Cardinal zodiacal sign Crab and numerological number 13 correspond with APAM NAPAT and SAVITR, also with EROS who is second primary potentiality of universe in Greek myths.
Number 14 - geometrical polygon of fourteen apexes is derivative figure of heptagon.
Number 15 - geometrical polygon of fifteen apexes is derivative figure of pentagon and decagon.
Number 16 - geometrical polygon of sixteen apexes is derivative figure of quadrangle or square and octagon.
Capricorn - number 17 - geometrical polygon of seventeen apexes.
Cardinal zodiacal sign Capricorn and numerological number 17 correspond with ADJA ECAPAD and PUSHAN, also with TARTARUS who is fourth primary potentiality of universe in Greek myths.
Number 18 - geometrical polygon of eighteen apexes is derivative figure of triangle and hexagon, also nonagon.
Aries or Ram - number 19 - geometrical polygon of nineteen apexes.
Cardinal zodiacal sign Aries and numerological number 19 correspond with AHY BUDHNYA and SURYA, also with CHAOS who is first primary potentiality of universe in myths of ancient Greeks.
Cardinal signs of zodiac and numerological numbers 11, 13, 17, 19 are connected with primary potentiality of universe because of connection with global world categories of life and movement which have arisen before space and time also energy and matter.
Six global world categories can be compared with Zoroastrian deities, because religious system of Zoroastrianism or Avestic myths has arisen as derivative from Vedic mythology.
Main deity in Zoroastrianism is AHURA MAZDA who corresponds to central position of INDRA in hierarchy of Vedic gods. Divine qualities of AHURA MAZDA are six AMESHA SPENTAS which can be correlated with axes of global world categories.
VOHU MANAH - generality - space.
KHSHATHRA VAIRYA - constancy - time.
ASHA VAHISHTA - uniformity - energy.
ARMAITI - stability - matter.
HAURVATAT - purposefulness - movement.
AMERETAT - realization - life.


Following page compares terrestrial gods of Vedic mythology to zodiacal signs and numbers in numerology, also phonetic sounds of human speech and points of geographic orientation.
Besides tetragrammaton YHWH or name of JEHOVAH is compared to Vedic gods and phonetic sounds of universal acoustic system of human languages.