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Variants of board games with words and letters on pages of this website are open, namely images for printing can be taken and you can try to play. And also information about metalinguistics of languages, and in particular about numerology of alphabets and letters in names of gods is open. But free distribution of information demands payment or donation in the event that linguistic knowledge has value from your point of view. Namely if quality of this information is comparable to values of entertaining time during amusement with those or other variants of the present board game, and also during acquaintance to names of gods and metalinguistic laws of alphabetic systems of human languages.
The information is original and consequently has the cost and price as cannot be taken in any other online sources which are open in the Internet in free of charge in dictionaries and encyclopedias. Namely information on pages of this site is unknown earlier, that demands payment or donation if the price and cost of unknown knowledge has value.
Or instead of payment I shall be grateful if you will make free-of-charge or otherwise to tell gratuitous translations into foreign languages of any pages at this website.

Or it is possible to compensate necessity of payment by one long-term hyperlink to this site. Namely one hyperlink can compensate the cost and price of new information about logic games with letters and words, and also about metalinguistics of languages and alphabets if you have space in the Internet where it can take place.
The hyperlink can be textual or otherwise tell contextual, or can not have a context, or you can use any code of the shown banners. The code of the first banner will specify the address of information on variants of logic board game with words and letters. The code of the second banner will specify the information on numerology of languages and names of gods. Or you can specify addresses of other pages of this website.
The shown codes of banners have no ALT tags which remain on your discretion and can be connected with contexts of your websites.

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Besides I bring to your attention the address of my blog for discussion about board games with words and letters, and also for talks about linguistic numerology and any other themes. My blog has the name "Glass Bead Game" that is caused by the one-nominal Hermann Hesse's fictitious book in which objects of game are beads. But also letters of alphabets can be considered as glass beads which during gaming interactions forms intricate linguistic combinations or otherwise to tell patterns of words, that is interesting to discussion.
In essence my blog is intended for open discussions if someone is interested in public talking about word games, and also about numerological metalinguistics of alphabets and letters in names of gods or people.

Thank you very much!