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numerical values of Cyrillic letters in numerology


Numerical values of Cyrillic letters in numerology.
The fourth page shows parities of Cyrillic letters with circular matrix of numerological numbers of duodecimal system of mathematical notation, and also geometrical ratios or otherwise to tell spatial interrelations of philosophical categories which form sacral azbuka or metalinguistic formula of the Slavic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius.

Information of this online page can be interesting in scientific linguistics, and also in theology or occultism as according to geometrical ratios of letters of the Slavic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius with circular matrix of numerical signs of duodecimal scale of mathematical notation it is possible to understand esoteric meanings and mystical senses or otherwise to tell theological concepts of divine Trinity, and in essence it is possible to comprehend sacral true of three persons of the God.


Esoteric meanings of Slavic alphabet and numerology.
Names and duodecimal numerical values of Cyrillic letters.

Slavic alphabet Cyril and Methodius occurs from the Greek alphabetic system and Phoenician writing. Therefore some Cyrillic letters have similarity with Greek and Phoenician alphabetic symbols. But however Slavic alphabet has other order of letters within circular matrix of numbers or numerical signs of duodecimal numerology rather than orders of alphabetic characters of the Ancient Greece or Phoenicia, that is shown on the chart.

order of Cyrillic letters within circular matrix of duodecimal numerology Names of Cyrillic letters are shown by dark font, and corresponding characters of contemporary Russian alphabet are shown by red font.
Look detail information on parities of contemporary Russian alphabetic characters with Cyrillic letters of Slavic alphabet on pages of this website in other section which has the name: metalinguistics.


As it is possible to see in the Cyril's Slavic alphabetic system there are 43 letters that differs from 22 symbols of Phoenician writing or 33 letters of contemporary Russian alphabet which precisely correspond with circular numerical matrix of duodecimal numerology. But however eleven numerical axes and four circles form 44 positions or key points, that is near to number 43 and is comparable to letters of Slavic alphabet, but one position is empty.
In some sources of information it is possible to find data on 44 characters in the Slavic alphabet, namely about alphabetic sign which in essence is a variant of letter . Or about alphabetic sign which is variant of letter . But however number of Cyrillic letters is not casual as Slavic alphabet has sacral sense which forms metalinguistic azbuka, and consequently it is necessary to consider 43 alphabetic characters, and to consider one empty position within circular matrix of numerical signs of duodecimal numerology.
Different colors on the chart notes positions according to which Cyrillic letters form symmetric and regular spatial geometrical figures.
Blue color notes Cyrillic letters which form spatial figure which is symmetric concerning first numerical axis of circular numerological matrix.
Letter means SPIRIT or not created and general source of all real in the context of Slavic alphabet.
Letter means WOMB or organic realization of SPIRIT.
Letter means INNERMOST or evidential sphere of actuality existing outside of physical world in metaphysical space where objective reality of universe opens.
Combination of three philosophical meanings or names of three Cyrillic letters explains mystical sense of SPIRIT which exists outside of physical reality, but has manifestation as a result of organic embodiment.
Yellow color notes letters which form geometrical figure which is symmetric concerning tenth numerical axis.
Letter means FATHER or one of three persons of divine Trinity in which there is existence of SPIRIT and SON who correspond with names or mystical meanings of Cyrillic characters and .
Letter means HIDDEN or limiting veil which separates visible material world from hidden space of metaphysical or supernatural reality.
Letter means ETERNITY.
Combination of three philosophical meanings or metalinguistic values explains mystical sense of FATHER who is eternal and hidden, or otherwise to tell incomprehensible for human understanding.
Green color notes Cyrillic letters which form symmetric spatial figure concerning eleventh numerical axis of circular matrix of duodecimal numerology.
Letter means SON or generating spiritual beginning which is the third person of divine Trinity.
Letter means SPIRITUALIZATION or overcoming of limiting veil between visible world and metaphysical supernatural reality.
Letter means BELIEF.
Combination of three philosophical values explains mystical sense of SON who is the key person of divine Trinity, because the Christ personifies BELIEF which allows to overcome limiting veil between physical world and metaphysical reality.
In total shown symmetric and regular figures are formed by letters which correspond to three persons of divine Trinity. Also by letters which specify mystical characteristics or esoteric qualities of divine or sacral Trinity of the God.
INNERMOST SPIRIT - - secret existence of spiritual source of all real.
HIDDEN FATHER - - incomprehensible existence of divine essence.
SON SPIRITUALIZATION - - realization of divine essence.
Letters in aggregate with form common spatial figure which is symmetric concerning eighth numerical axis, that specifies essential mystical values of letters . In particular spatial position of the letter WORD on the eighth numerical axis has mental associations with the first lines of the gospel from John: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God".
Besides the shown symmetric figures are formed by Cyrillic letters and which are on the tenth and eleventh numerical axes, that too specifies essential mystical values. In essence each letter on these numerical axes makes symmetric figures with letters .
Letters on the tenth numerical axis are interconnected with and that specifies divine qualities of FATHER.
Letter means NAME that is possible to consider as unpronounceable denomination of the God.
Letter means REASON or sphere of human ideas which are incorporated by indivisible divine consciousness.
Letter means INTEGRITY or SANCTITY that is equivalent to indivisible and absolute integrity of the God.
Letter means ETERNITY that is equivalent to divine eternal infinity.
Letters and empty position of circular matrix are interconnected with and that specifies divine qualities of SON.
Letter means TRUE that can be considered as truth which became obvious in resurrection of the Christ.
Letter means BELIEF or trust without rational substantiations, that is equivalent to the basic Christian principle according to which belonging to Christianity is the sufficient condition of eternal life and understanding of true.
Letter means GREATNESS that can be considered as glory and eminence of the Christ.
Empty position of circular matrix symbolizes future kingdom of heaven or celestial Jerusalem.
Besides in the shown circular matrix of Cyrillic letters it is possible to see other interesting spatial figures. For example, pay attention on geometrical figure which is symmetric concerning second numerical axis, and which is formed by letters and vowel sounds or phonemes and in essence which are accordant or conformable each other, and consequently which are interconnected not only by philosophical values and mystical senses of alphabetic names but also by sounding phonetic characteristics.
It is possible to think that positions of letters in the Slavic alphabet and also other alphabetic systems in space of circular matrix of numbers of ancient duodecimal numerology and scale of mathematical notation are caused by volition and reason of people which created writing characters of human civilization. But also it is possible to assume that positions of letters are caused by mentality which are not connected with volition of people, namely which is initiated by celestial consciousness or otherwise to tell divine reason according to which universal laws of world reality and rules of cosmic harmony have been displayed in graphical symbols of various alphabetic systems of mankind. In essence it is possible to assume that heavenly beings by means of letters have created sacral cithers or esoteric codes in which not only phonetic values and acoustic parameters of human speech but also divine principles and mystical purposes of a human life are fixed.

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