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Page 9.


calculations of names by letters and numbers


Numerological numbers and letters in names.
The ninth page shows the table which allows to calculate mathematical digital denominators of decimal and duodecimal numbers. And also ninth page shows the scheme which allows to compare numerical values of human names to astrological points AS, DS, IC, MC.

Information of this web page can be interesting in psychology and psychoanalysis, because psychoanalysts and psychotherapists can apply numerology during consultation of people. Namely psychoanalysts and psychotherapists can calculate values of names according to ratio of alphabetic letters with numbers which can be correlated to psychological characteristics of human personality.


Numerology of human names.
Numerological numbers of alphabets and astrology.

Numerologists know different methods of mathematical calculations. In one case numerical values or equivalents of letters in words are summarized and finding numbers are considered as results of calculations. And numerologists in other case summarize not only numerical values of letters but also ciphers of finding numbers if as a result of calculations there are two-figure or three-figure digits. Namely in the second case numerological results of calculations are numbers which turn out during consecutive summation of ciphers in multiple-figured digits.
For example, the sum 3+6+9=18 can be considered as two-figure or two-place number 18. Or it is possible to summarize ciphers or figures 1+8 and as a result it will be the digit or number 9.
Also during calculations in numerology it is possible to consider degrees of numbers. Namely it is possible to consider ratio of alphabetic letters with tens and hundreds in the context of decimal scale of notation, or with dozens and grosses in the context of duodecimal system of digital designations, that is essential if results of numerological calculations are multiple-figured numbers, but has no basic value if mathematical output of consecutive summation of ciphers is one digit.
For example, numerical values of alphabetic symbols in the word YEAR can be summarized as 4+5+5=14 without taking into account degrees of ciphers or as 4+50+5=59 in view of numerological ratio of letters and with units, and letter with tens in the numerical matrix of Russian alphabet or otherwise to tell in alphabetic table which can be seen on 4th page in this section of website. Different two-figure numbers 14 and 59 have diverse meanings from the view point of numerology, but as a result of summation 1+4=5 and 5+9=14=1+4=5 one identical digit 5 outputs.
One-figure digits in results of numerological calculations can be considered as digital denominators of multiple-figured numbers.
Calculation of digital denominators within the decimal scale of notation is simple mathematical action, but in the context of duodecimal computations this digital operation is unusual. Therefore I offer the table which allows to find digital denominators of decimal and duodecimal numbers in the context of numerology.

table of decimal and duodecimal digital denominators in numerology Dark color - decimal numbers from 1 to 99.
Red color - digital denominators of decimal numbers.
For example, decimal number 21 has digital denominator 3, as 2+1=3.
Green color - duodecimal numbers.
Blue color - digital denominators of duodecimal numbers.
For example, for decimal number 21 there corresponds duodecimal ciphers 19 which has digital denominator X (one dozen), as 1+9=.


As a result of mathematical actions with numbers of decimal notation in the shown table it is possible to find digital denominators of duodecimal ciphers. Namely it is possible to calculate numerical value of any word or human name by means of decimal numbers, and then by means of the table it is possible to find corresponding digital denominator of duodecimal ciphers.
Example 1.
Name SERGEY 8+6+7+4+6+11=42 - decimal number 42 and digital denominator 4+2=6.
Or duodecimal number 36 (three dozens and six units) and digital denominator 3+6=9.
Example 2.
Name NATALIA 4+1+9+1+2+8+11=36 - decimal number 36 and digital denominator 3+6=9.
Or duodecimal number 30 (three dozens) and digital denominator 3+0=3.
Example 3.
Name SVETLANA 8+3+6+9+2+1+4+1=34 - decimal number 34 and digital denominator 3+4=7.
Or duodecimal number 2X (two dozens and ten units) and digital denominator 2+X=1.
Digital denominators of decimal and duodecimal numbers can be compared, that allows to analyze mystical values or esoteric metalinguistic meanings of names in the context of numerology.
For example, number 7 in the name SVETLANA as the decimal digital denominator means philosophical categories HUMILITY - SPEECH - ENLIGHTENMENT. And number 1 as the duodecimal digital denominator corresponds with philosophical categories PERSON - QUALITY - SPIRIT.
Philosophical categories correspond to three sides of the metalinguistic triangle which is shown on the second page in this section of website.
Decimal digital denominators can be correlated to actual psychological features of human personality, and duodecimal numbers with stages of evolutional development of human soul.
Pay attention that digital denominators of decimal numbers correspond with philosophical categories of duodecimal ciphers, as numerical values are calculated within the duodecimal numerological matrixe of the Russian alphabet.

Except for names in the context of numerology it is possible to calculate numerical values of surnames and patronymics, that allows to analyze complex construction of human personality according to different nominal designations of individuality or otherwise to tell according to various denominate identifiers.
Name as a nominal designation or denomination of a person is common or general for many people, and consequently is public or collective parameter of personality.
Surname is personal name of a person, as people have identical surnames much less often, rather than identical names.
Patronymic is additional nominal designation or denomination which in combination with human name allows to distinguish one person from another as more concrete or specific.
In aggregate nominal triple construction "name - patronymic - surname" forms individual designation or personal code of human personality, that is possible to present as the chart.

nominal construction of individual designation or personal code of human personality Surname is personal denomination which corresponds with ascendant AS in astrology.
Look information on values AS, DS, IC, MC in the context of astrolog in other sources of global network of Internet.
Name is collective denomination which corresponds with descendant DS in astrology.
Patronymic is the partial nominal identifier.
Name - patronymic - surname form the triangle of private denominations, because calls to a person only by name, or only by surname, or only by patronymic does not influence social aspects of personality.
Name and patronymic form social or socio-personal denomination which corresponds with astrological value of IC and identifies each person as individual member of society.
Name and surname too are social but socio-collective denomination which identify each person as public member of society, that corresponds with astrological value of MC.
Calls to a person by name and surnames or by name and patronymic are perceived as official, and consequently these complex nominal designations influence social aspects of human personality.

In total human names with patronymics and surnames form complex construction of nominal identifiers which are parameters of different aspects of human personality. For numerological analysis it is necessary to calculate numerical values of all nominal identifiers and to write in white fields of the chart which is shown below.

numerology of human names with patronymics and surnames

numerology of names and conformity of numbers to letters of alphabet

Decimal or duodecimal numerical values, and also digital denominators of numbers can be calculated.
Below look the scheme where digital denominators of decimal and duodecimal numbers are written by red and blue colors.
Nominal identifiers of English poet Georges Gordona Byron are shown as example, namely GEORGE is the name, BYRON is the surname, and GORDON can be compared with patronymic.
Name: GEORGE 5+8+5+7+5+8=38=2 - decimal number 38 and duodecimal ciphers 32, and also digital denominators 2 and 5.
Patronymic: GORDON 4+5+7+5+5+4=30=3 - numbers 30 and 26 - digital denominators 3 and 8.
Surname: BYRON 2+1+11+7+5+4=30=3 - numbers 30 and 26 - digital denominators 3 and 8.
Name with patronymic and surname: GEORGE GORDON BYRON 38+30+30=98=8 - numbers 98 and 82 - digital denominators 8 and X (tenth cipher of duodecimal scale of mathematical notation).
Name and patronymic: GEORGE GORDON 38+30=68=5 - numbers 68 and 58 - digital denominators 5 and 2.
Name and surname: GEORGE BYRON 38+30=68=5 - numbers 68 and 58 - digital denominators 5 and 2.
As a result of shown numerological calculations it is possible to correlate numbers and digital denominators of human names or nominal identifiers to astrological values of AS, DS, IC, MC, that allows to speak about psychological features and characters of people. Namely calculations allow to analyze personal codes of human personalities in the context of numerology.
It is necessary to consider that nominal identifiers in human names have different senses in various languages and cultures of world nations, and consequently there can be other ratios with values of AS, DS, IC, MC in astrology.

The shown numbers of English name are calculated by means of transcriptions and numerical conformity of Russian letters with phonemes of English language, that is described on the previous page in this section of website.


I hope that information of this part or section of website will help to understand metalinguistic senses of words and letters of alphabets, and also will help to correlate human names to numbers in numerology not only according to alphabetic signs but also according to phonetic transcriptions of speech sounds. Or otherwise to tell according to acoustic soundings which are written by means of symbols or graphical characters of Russian alphabetic system which is compared to numbers or ciphers of duodecimal numerological matrix and scale of mathematical notation.
Besides I hope that metalinguistic senses of Russian letters will allow to understand esoteric mystical values of duodecimal numbers which were a basis of mathematical system in Phoenician writing and some other alphabets of ancient civilizations, and also now are the basis of major arcana of Tarot fortunetelling cards and alphabetic symbols in Cabbala, that can be interesting in contemporary numerology.
I shall be agree to discuss any questions of this theme.
I shall be glad if questions about linguistic symbols as mathematical signs and metalinguistic sense of human languages, sacral number of vowel letters and Cabbala as geometrical numerology, names of people and astrological planets, mantic predictions and means of words, order of letters and characters in English alphabet, and also other themes will be interesting to discussion.
Look additional information about methods for numerological calculations of decimal numerical values and numbers of human names on pages of others online web resources: www.emotions.64g.ru/anfiz/an7en.htm or www.numeralgame.64g.ru/num/num9en.htm.