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Numerology of numbers and spectrum of alphabetic letters.
The fifth page speaks about ratio of letters or sounds of human speech with colors of rainbow spectrum, namely colour spectral parameters of Russian alphabetic characters are shown. And also the fifth page represents online dictionary or gallery where colour visual images of human names are shown.

Information of this online of page can be interesting in psychology and psychotherapy as colors of rainbow iridescent spectrum are favorable or adverse for human perception according to spectral parameters of alphabetic letters in names of people.
Or this online information can interest parents who choose names to children.


Spectral parameters of letters and sounds.
Visual images of human names in numerology.

Contemporary Russian alphabet has unique phonetic and mathematical structure from the view point of linguistics and numerologies. Because quantity of letters or alphabetic characters precisely corresponds to phonemes and sounds of speech which can be heard in words of Russian language. Actually Russian alphabet has universal linguistic construction or design which is unique in comparison with alphabetic systems of other foreign languages.
Miraculous historical changes of Russian language and modifications of symbols in alphabet have led to occurrence of contemporary alphabetic system in which the structure or order of letters precisely corresponds with phonetics of speech and phonological acoustic parameters of articulation.
Therefore letters of Russian alphabet can be considered not only as linguistic symbols but also as mathematical signs which correspond with numerological numbers and acoustic parameters of speech. Namely human perception of world spaces and volumes by means of hearing is caused by influence of acoustic waves and other physical vibrations, and consequently alphabetic letters can be considered as symbols which specify wave sizes. It is possible to speak that letters designate numerical mathematical sizes of sound waves and amplitudes of physical vibrations according to which people perceive words.
Russian alphabet has 10 vowel letters and sounds which form the symmetric phonetic scale, as shown in on the chart.
Pay attention that number 10 is sacral from the view point of occult Cabbalistic philosophy, and also in view of numerology, as it is quantity of Sefirot or Sephirot or mystical digital symbols in Cabbala or Kabala.

symmetric phonetic scale of vowel letters and sounds of Russian alphabet The chart shows sequential order of vowel letters according with standard sequence of symbols or characters in the academic alphabet, but position of letter is changed, as it is required for symmetric arrangement.
Namely letters and have alternating positions.
Letter has been included in the Russian alphabet on 1708 and consequently her sequential position is not unconditional or doubtless.
New displaced position of this letter can be justified by order of symbols in the Slavic alphabet at correlation to 35th Cyrillic alphabetic character.

Symmetric on the chart are following - - - - - letters of alphabet, and also corresponding iotated and uniotated pairs of phonetic sounds of speech.
Besides Russian language and alphabet have 10 voiced (sonorous) and 10 unvoiced consonant phonemes and letters.
If to consider iotating sound as vowel phoneme, also if soft mark concerns with voiced and firm mark concerns with unvoiced consonants then Russian alphabet has 11 letters in three phonetic groups.
Number 11 too is sacral from the view point of numerology, as eleven numerical signs are comparable with quantity of letters in the Cabbalistic alphabet and ancient Phoenician writing, and also with quantity of major Arcana of Tarot fortunetelling cards, that is described on third page in this section of website.
Eleven letters in three phonetic groups of Russian alphabet can be correlated to colors, and in essence wave acoustic characteristics of speech sounds can be compared to physical waves which correspond to optical spectral parameters of iridescent rainbow spectrum, as shown in the table.

physical waves and optical spectral parameters of rainbow iridescent spectrum Basic obvious colour parameters belong to vowel letters, and consonants are put in conformity to vowels.
It is possible to consider colors of vowel letters as more depth or strength, and spectral parameters of sonorous and unvoiced consonants can be correlated to less depth colour shades.


The following chart shows geometrical principles or otherwise to tell spatial laws according to which vowel letters and phonemes of Russian language and alphabet correspond to colors of rainbow spectrum.

vowel letters and phonemes of Russian language in colors of rainbow spectrum - purple - red - pink.
- orange.
- yellow - brown.
- green.
- blue.
- dark blue.
- violet.
Look information on eighth page in this section of website for comparison of Russian letters with vowel phonemes of English language.

Letter forms the axis of grey color.
Letters (purple) and (red), (pink) and (orange), (blue) and (green), (brown) and (yellow) form pairs of iotated and uniotated phonemes.
Letters (red), (dark blue), (yellow) form the triangle of pure (not mixed) colors.
Letters (violet), (green), (orange) form the triangle of mixed colors as violet is mixture of red with blue, green is combination of blue with yellow, orange is connection of red with yellow.
Triangles of pure and mixed colors are interconnected, namely violet is located between red and blue, orange between red and yellow, green between blue and yellow.
Letters (purple) and (brown) form the axis of darken colors.
Letters (pink) and (blue) form the axis of lighten colors.
Letters (red) and (green), (violet) and (yellow), (dark blue) and (orange) are located opposite and form contrast pairs of colors.
Letters (pink) and (blue), and also (purple) and (brown) are located opposite, but they are not contrast spectral pairs.
Besides in the shown chart it is possible to see many other spectral and phonetic laws or ratios of alphabetic letters and sounds of human speech.
Look more detailed information about colour spectral parameters of vowel phonemes of speech and letters of contemporary Russian alphabet, and also about rainbow iridescent spectrum of Cyrillic alphabetic signs, on pages of this website in section: names of gods.
Ratio of letter with red color is indisputable, also colour spectral parameters of letters in top hemisphere of the shown chart are unconditional.
Pairs of letters - and - in bottom hemisphere can have other positions, namely it is possible to assume, that sounds is brown, is yellow, is blue, is green, but nevertheless it seems to me that the shown spectral ratios are correct.
Letter is conditionally compared to grey color, as the corresponding iotating phoneme is involved in iotated vowels which correspond with darken and lighten colors, that is caused with intensity of grey colour shades. But actually at segment of iridescent spectrum between blue and violet there is a mixed blue-violet color.
At more detailed differentiation of iridescent spectrum it is possible to allocate more colour shades which can be compared to acoustic characteristics of vowel sounds.
Between letters (orange) and (yellow) there can be a sound corresponding with bright-citric color. Between letters (red) and (pink) there can be a sound which is complex combination of crimson and scarlet colour shades. And also between other letters there can be sounds which correspond to more detailed differentiation of iridescent rainbow spectrum.
Pay attention that between letters (violet) and (purple), also on the place of letter there can be invisible infra-red and ultra-violet colors which correspond to not heard infrasound and ultrasound acoustic parameters.
The iridescent spectrum of rainbow influences consciousness of people, also sounds of speech possess similar influence on mentality and connection with sequence of psycho-physiological processes of human organism.
- first or initial stage of psycho-physiological processes - initiative and excitation.
These sounds of speech are raising and stimulating activity as purple and red and pink correspond to colors of sun which appears above horizon.
- second stage of psycho-physiological processes - achievement of result and satisfaction.
This sound of speech is cheerful and vital as orange color corresponds to spectral parameters of sun in zenith.
- third stage of psycho-physiological processes - exhaustion and powerlessness.
These sounds of speech are oppressing as yellow and brown correspond to color of autumn foliage of trees and withering grasses.
- fourth stage of psycho-physiological processes - rest and inactivity.
This sound of speech is calming as green is color of alive plants which form cool shadows for protection from midday sunlight.
- fifth stage of psycho-physiological processes - detachment and indifference.
These sounds of speech are pacifying as blue and dark blue correspond to spectral parameters of day time or night sky which distracts attention of people from surface of ground.
- sixth stage of psycho-physiological processes - desire and expectation.
This sound of speech is straining as violet corresponds to color of night sky before dawn when occurrence of sun above horizon is expected, that precedes excitation and activity, namely beginning of new cycle of psycho-physiological processes.
The listed associative interrelations with natural phenomena are conditional, as actually colors of iridescent spectrum and sounds of speech have physical parameters or otherwise to tell mathematical sizes of waves which influence human perception. But however natural phenomena possess colour characteristics which wonderfully correspond with emotional impressions or otherwise to tell with mental associations which arise at visual perception of colors or as a result of acoustic influence of speech soundings on hearing.
In total letters of alphabet form logic system of metalinguistic symbols or signs which mean not only phonemes and sounds of speech, but also associate with various natural phenomena and spectral characteristics of the visible world, and also alphabetic characters symbolize physical acoustic parameters which can be correlated to numbers in numerology.
When alphabetic letters and sounds of human speech develop in words then there are linguistic formations of sounding compositions which render complex psycho-physiological influence on mentality of people.
To understand psycho-physiological influence of words it is possible to calculate numerical values of letters, and to consider linguistics of human speech and language according to philosophical categories and mystical senses which correspond to numbers in the context of numerology. Or it is possible to use visual images and graphic representations in which letters of alphabet are compared to colors of iridescent spectrum and geometrical figures in space of the colour circle which is shown in following chart.

iridescent spectrum in space of colour circle for Russian alphabet The colour spectral circle on the chart is divided into 11 multi-colored segments, to each of which there correspond 3 alphabetic letters. One letter is designation of vowel phoneme, and two letters designate concordant consonant phonemes which are compared with a color of vowel sound.
For creation of visual images it is necessary to connect letters by lines according to sequence in words, and also it is necessary to paint spatial fields of the circle according to colour spectral parameters of letters. As a result it is possible to see combinations of colors which are the reason of emotional impressions and mental associations at perception of words.
Look additional information on visual images and geometrical symbols of words on pages of other website:

For example I bring to your attention graphic representations which are visual images of human names.
The shown visual images of names are computer drawings which are limited by technical parameters of computers, or otherwise to tell by colour scales of monitors and displays, that allows to consider colors as inexact. But if it is necessary to see real colors then exact spectral values can be calculated.

Name Sergey.

spectral parameters of letters in colour visual images of names in numerology


Graphical algorithm of the shown visual images consists that lines correspond with sequence of letters in names or words. And lines form geometrical figures according to which colors of iridescent spectrum fill round space.
Namely concerning each line there is painting by color of that half of circle where center is. And color corresponds to the letter from which the line proceeds.
Colors possess transparency and consequently as a result of imposing colour shades above each other there are mixtures of paints.


Visual images of other Russian names are shown in gallery: DICTIONARY OF NAMES.
If there will be a necessity then it is possible to draw visual dictionary of English names.
The gallery also shows duodecimal numbers and philosophical categories which correspond to names in the context of numerology. Philosophical categories or esoteric mystical values are not connected with psychological characteristics of people, but they specify metalinguistic senses of names according to numerological numbers.
One - TRUE as the Spirit is a source of truth.
Two - BIRTH as the Son is realization of existential spiritual beginning.
Three - CHILD as children are actual embodiments of alive creatures.
Four - DESIRE as the Essence of alive substances is shown in desires.
Five - CREATION as Transformation of substances grows out creativity.
Six - SECRET or KNOWLEDGE as implicit reality hides mystery which people aspire to know.
Seven - ENLIGHTENMENT or overcoming of implicit illusive reality.
Eight - DISCERNMENT or INSIGHT as obvious reality is understanding of evidential veracity.
Nine - GREATNESS or clearing comprehension of spiritual truth.
Ten - DESTINY or FORESIGHT as true essence of human nature is predetermination of divine providence.
Eleven - LIFE as human Soul aspires to absolute life.
Zero - FREEDOM as this digital sign has no own numerical value, but the zero symbolizes unlimited infinity in the context of numerology.

Following page results information about mantic or fortunetelling and predictive features of alphabetic letters. Namely about oracle of mantic words in puzzles.

Besides in this section of website it is possible to find information about letters and phonemes of languages, gematria and geometry of words, alphabet of Cyril and Methodius, puzzles as mantic operations and calculations of numerical esoteric senses of numbers, ancient Phoenician writing and names with astrological values.